Periodic Table

In STEM, we learned about the periodic table. Dmitri Mendeleev created the periodic table in 1869s. Why did he create it? Mendeleev was a chemist teacher. He was writing a chemistry textbook and he needs a way to organize the elements and it would be easier for the student to learn. Here are some facts about the periodic table:

  • Mendeleev used atomic mass instead of the atomic number because protons had not yet been discovered when he made his table
  • The symbol consists of one or two letters that come from the chemical name
  • The first letter is always written in UpperCase.
  • The second letter is always written in LowerCase.
  • The classes of elements are metals, metalloids, and nonmetals
  • Blue stands for metals, orange for metalloids, and green for nonmetals
  • Rows of the modern table are called period.
  • From left to right across a period, each element has one more proton than the element before it
  • The modern periodic table has 7 periods and 18 groups.

Should school stop the practice of giving out grade?

     In literacy this round, we learned about how to debate and argue for or against a topic. We also did an activity which is called Philosophical Chair. Philosophical chair is an event that we debate for or against a topic. The topic is “School should stop the practice of giving letter grades to students. Instead they should only written feedback”. I think that school should not abandoned the letter grades though I think that it is not the best way to grade student but for now this is the only way that we can ensure how well the students is doing. According to quartz, it turns out that the things grades may measure are things employers value—being on time, getting things done, managing time well. In this sense, grades are doing what they are meant to do, measuring many aspects of student success. Grade is something specific where student can achieve their goals and tell them how they are doing. It’ll motivate them to try their best and improve. Letter grade gives students motivation and goal. Students can use grades to gauge where they are on the continuum between Excellence and Failure. According to the quad College administrators, politicians, and job-makers all hold grades as sacred. 

Well, what do you think? Should we replaced grade?

Precious Plastic

     Plastic is essential and convenient almost everyone on this planet use plastic. People love to use it that now it becomes a habit. Eventhough plastic seems like a material that is very useful and convenient to us, it is extremely harmful to the environment. In this exploration, we found an open source website which is called Precious Plastic and we learned about 4 different types of machines which is the shredder, it shreds plastic into small pieces so that we can use it to recycle later. The second machine is the extrusion, it melts plastic and extrude it into lines, products can be made from this machine are 3D line, knife handle. The third machine is the injection, it melts plastic and inject into a mold, products that can be made from this machine are containers, bowls, plate. The forth machine is the compression machine, it acts similar to an oven melting the plastic that were put in it and later on compressed into mold. We were planning to make the shredder machine. We went on a trip to Siem Riep, to Naga Earth. Naga Earth is an organization that turned used oil into clean biodiesel and handwashing soap.

At Naga Earth

 They also make recycle paper from scrap paper and cardboard. Then we went to the Rehash trash where they turned used plastic bag into beautiful plarn products such as jewelry, bottle holder,


mat. Unfortunately we can’t make the shredder machine because if we have the shredder machine it needs to be under supervision all the time because it is dangerous and we also don’t have enough time.  There are 7 different types of plastic. But not all plastic, you can recycle. For instance,  the plastic type number 6 polystyrene is considered unable to recycle. It’s not impossible to recycle we need technical products to  recycle the type because it gives out harmful chemical when you burn the plastic.


In the process of making recycled paper




One thing that we learned from math this round is doing algebra coding. It is pretty complicated, we have to learn about the different vocabulary words that we use if we want to code. In the code, they also focus on how can we use code to make a calculator.

Calculating Algebra

Use the back of your brain

     We did a workshop with an organization from Siem Riep which is called Writing Through. We did a lot of creative stuff such as brainstorming about different ideas and we also learned how to write a poem. 

This is my poem:

The Past

The Past can be painful

It can also be dull,

The past is your scar

It is who you are.

Your past can be happy,

It can also be sad,

It’s almost like a two-faced mask.

Appreciate your past, it can be your future,

Appreciate your present,

In fact, it can be your teacher

Don’t judge anyone

Without knowing their past,

Because the chance you get to see them,

Can be your last.

Angels can be devils, you see

But before hating them

Ask why they be.

Learn from your past, 

be better, not bitter

if the rose wither,

tell them that I’m forever.

Your past is your present

Your present is your future

Do what you want and

Don’t regret it later.


In-design/Photoshop/Light room

     In multimedia class, we learned about different editing software based on Adobe. Cindy taught us how to use photoshop, illustrator, Lightroom and also InDesign. Our friends help us to learn about the things we don’t know. I am very excited to learn how to use photoshop because I have never used it before and saw my friend doing it. I thought that photoshop was very interesting because you can turn a photo into different things. You can add and edit the quality of it too. Indesign was the software that we mostly use during this year since the Geography book team needed to make a book. They used the software InDesign to do it. Though right now I am not really good photoshop but am planning to learn more from youtube and also my friends because anybody can be your teacher. No matter who they are there will always be a lesson that they can teach you.

No-Plastic Exploration

The stainless steel straw standing up, the sugarcane styrofoam under the straw and the bags

     For this school year, my exploration is called no plastic Cambodia. The goal of this exploration is trying to reduce as much single-use plastic as possible. In the first few weeks, we learned about what is single-use plastic and also about what products can be used to replace plastic. In the middle of the exploration we did some survey to know just how much plastic is brought into Liger and how much does everyone in the Liger family use plastic each day. Plastic is really bad for the environment because there are different chemical in it that can cause many different sicknesses. People can even die due to breathing the smoke from burning plastic. For now, we are focusing on how to eliminate plastic straws. We also presented our data and a poster about the contagiousness of a sugarcane cup. What we want to show is that most people like taking straws when they are drinking sugarcane but they have no idea who or what touched the straw and how dirty it is. It is interesting how people react to the poster. We also went on different trips like going to Aeon to meet Sandy, she is from the only one planet and her goal is also similar to ours. She imports different products from China such as styrofoam boxes that are made from the waste of sugarcane, cornstarch straw, and different silicon product. I was really impressed by the sugarcane waste styrofoam because it is totally organic and take about only 8-9 months to decompose and if you burn it there will be no harmful chemical. We also launch our campaign this Friday, we will be giving out nylon bags and stainless steel straw so that our students can reduce the use of plastics. “One might not make a difference but together we can make changes” was a quote that is created by the no plastic exploration which means we have to rise together in order to fight and tackle a problem and also the changes can be made anywhere and everywhere. By reading this I hope you are aware of just how much plastic you are using and the effect that it can cause to the world and all living things, not just you.

Just how small is an atom?

I love to study stem because it is very interesting. For our stem this year we learned about the family of atom. Our teacher introduced us to the atom families story:

In the center of Matterville, there is a place called the Nucleus Arcade, where two members of the Atoms Family like to hang out. Perky Patty Proton, like her sisters, is quite large with a huge smile and eyes that sparkle (+). Patty is always happy and has a very positive personality. Nerdy Nelda Neutron is large like Patty, but she has a boring, flat mouth and eyes with zero expression (o). Her family is very apathetic and neutral about everything. Patty, Nelda, and their sisters spend all their time at the arcade.

Around the Nucleus Arcade, you will find a series of roadways that are used by another member of the Atoms Family, Enraged Elliott Electron. Elliott races madly around the Arcade on his bright red chrome- plated Harley-Davidson. He rides so fast that no one can be sure where he is at any time. Elliott is much smaller than Patty and Nelda and he is always angry because these bigger relatives will not let him in the Arcade. He has a frown on his face, eyes that are squinted with anger, and a very negative (-) attitude.

The first energy street can only hold only two Electron brothers. The second energy street, called the Energy Freeway, can hold 8 brothers. The third energy street, called the Energy Superhighway, can hold 18 of the brothers.

The moral of Matterville is stable as long as each negative Electron brother is balanced out by one positive Proton sister. The number of residents in Matterville depends on the Proton and Neutron families.

We also learned about the different components of an atom that includes, electron, neutron, proton, and nucleus. It is very fascinating if you think about how small an atom really is. For example, the atom that is in grapefruit if you blow it to the size of a single blueberry, then the grapefruit would be as big as the Earth.  In stem class, I take note in my book instead of the computer. I also include drawing so that it can help understand more about the topic.

This is my note





Old English

My calligraphy

For this year literacy, we did a themed learning and our theme was ancient English. We learned about different root words from ancient English. My favorite unit was unit 5 which is express yourself! The root words are dict, scrib/sciprt, and graph/gram. The origin from this words is Greek and Latin. In every unit, we did some analogies and sentence completion. At the beginning of the week, we also have a weekly assessment. My favorite words from this unit are the word calligraphy because in my free time I love to calligraphy quote to express myself. Doing calligraphy is very enjoyable and fun for me.

     We also learned and read about the story called “Poison” by Roald Dahl. In the story there are three main characters, Timber, Harry and Docter Ganderbai. Here’s how the story goes: Timber drove home and went into the house. He saw Harry lying on his bed awake and frozen. He didn’t even move, not even a bit. As Timber went in to get a closer look, Harry told Timber not to be loud and to come near him. Harry said that there was a krait laying on his stomach and sleeping. Timber wanted to move the bedsheet quickly leaving no time for the krait to even bite Harry but Harry thought that it was too much of a risk. Harry suggested Timber to call the doctor. Soon enough doctor Ganderbai came and injected some serum into Harry so that if the Krait bites the poison will not kill him. Lastly they wanted to remove the bed sheet. Doctor Genderbai said that the Krait might be anywhere it can even be on his pajama leg. Just then for first time ever Harry jumped out of bed shaking his feet but there was nothing there. There was no slithery creature coming out. Then they realize that there was no Krait in the first place. The doctor told Harry that maybe he just confuse it with something else. Harry called the doctor “India Sewer Rat”. At the end Timber apologize for what Harry said. 

     I think that this story is very detailed and uses all senses to describe which is easy to visualize. Some say that the story is kind of racist because of how Harry called the doctor and how Timber describe the doctor. Timber describe the doctor as “Small Indian doctor”.