Make the Most of your Learning

     For this round in Literacy, our theme was making the most of our learning. Unlike last round, we had a very specific theme but making the most of your learning is a very vague topic. We got to learn about managing our time and actually making our own schedule of what to do in class. The challenge for me this round is keeping tab with my work and getting things done. The first time when I was planning my own schedule, it was a little overwhelming, I didn’t know what I should put into my schedule and how I will complete it. Later on, when I had gotten used to managing my self, I found this strategy really effective because everyone have their own learning still and by not requiring task to be done in a certain order or in a certain way, students can explore lesson and find ways to understand the topic effectively. For me personally, I feel proud and the sense of relief whenever I saw a check mark in the box next to my task.

     This round we were also required to pick out a novel, and try to finish it by the end of the round. The book that I chose to read was “The Book Thief” written by Markus Zusak. I found this book to be really interesting, specifically in the way how the writer wrote. He wrote it in a very poetic way that might be a hustle for readers to try to understand what he wanted to convey. The book is also written in the perspective of death, which is a little strange because till now we don’t understand what death is, but when he wrote about how death comes and take people life, you are imagining death as a person or a character. One of thing that was in the book that help explained death was:

A Reassuring Announcement

Please, be calm, despite that previous threat.

I am all bluster- I am not violent. I am not malicious. I am a result.

 Page 7, The Book Thief.

     Overall, this round had been very successful for me, I got to discover my own learning styles and gotten to manage my own studies.

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