It’s 50% off!!

Everyone love it when they walk to their favorite stores to buy items and see that it is 50% off. That’s why percentage is important to us. Percentage is important in many other different way.  It is a great way to represent a fraction and to show different data or comparing them. Percentage is also often used in business to see how much their finance has increase or decrease. There are even more ways to use percentage and these are just some. 

Here’s an idea of how to solve a percent of something:

This is only one way of solving that


One thing that we learned from math this round is doing algebra coding. It is pretty complicated, we have to learn about the different vocabulary words that we use if we want to code. In the code, they also focus on how can we use code to make a calculator.

Calculating Algebra


My work from the textbook

     Math is very important for our learning because in the future you will need to use a lot of math. You can use math for many different ways such as if you own a business or if you are selling something. For this school year, we learned with the primary mathematics 5A book. The book mostly focused on fraction. We learned how to divide, plus, subtract and multiply fraction. We also learned a little about algebra and it was pretty confusing for me. I think that multiplying fraction is the easiest since you just need to multiply the numerator with the numerator and denominator with the denominator. I love doing the word problems that are in the math book. It is very challenging and interesting at the same time. We also learned that the word “of” in math means to multiply. There are also many different ways to solve the word problems you can solve it by using pictures and graph or by finding clue words in the world problem such as for, how much left, or all together. I was also struggling to understand some of the problems but with the help of my friends and my facilitator. I, now know more about fraction and word problems.