Independent Learning

     So for this round in Multimedia class, we got the opportunity to learn about any adobe software and also any programming language. I was really excited about the project because I can get to choose what I want to work on. I chose to do a transitional video in After Effect. In class, we haven’t learn much about After Effect so I just wanted to learn that on my own time and do my own research. I was interested in this project because I love how on beat the edits is, and how I can take people that inspire me to edits. It’s also easy for me to explore different tools on the software. Some of my friends at school, already know about After Effect. I learned to edit from many different sources, like my friend, google and definitely YouTube. In the process of learning how to edit, there were still some setbacks. It was not as easy as I thought it would be. There are many process that goes into one video, like adding different transitions. Sometimes my friend is also busy doing her work also. Most of the basic things that I learned from after effect are taught to me by my friends but also found it easy to be watching you tube because it shows you step by step on how to add different transition. Through my journey of learning, I’ve learned to be committed to my work, and find people who I enjoy editing so it can boost my work towards it. I’ve also learned to be patient with the program, because sometimes it doesn’t respond and can crash. Given this opportunity to be independent on what I learned has been a really fun experience. It has taught me to be committed to what I am doing, and learn to explore programs on my own. This is the final product:

Go visit it in Youtube:

Random Team Chooser

For this round which is round 4, we went deeper into python. Learning about if/elif /else statement, for loops, while loops, break statement, continue statement and a lot more about list.  The information at first felt a little overwhelming but as Cindy further explain what it mean it became simpler. For the lesson, we did an assignment for writing code to choose people or put people into random team. It seems like a very fun and interesting assignment. When I was doing the code, I was struggling to store the code in another page. Storing both the names and the team names, it got kind of mixed up. I ask Cindy to see if she can give me any comments and she helped me. I experimented with many different code and put it in different to see if it works. Finally, I’ve put it in the right order and the code was working. There were many different part of the code. But this is the finished result:

In-design/Photoshop/Light room

     In multimedia class, we learned about different editing software based on Adobe. Cindy taught us how to use photoshop, illustrator, Lightroom and also InDesign. Our friends help us to learn about the things we don’t know. I am very excited to learn how to use photoshop because I have never used it before and saw my friend doing it. I thought that photoshop was very interesting because you can turn a photo into different things. You can add and edit the quality of it too. Indesign was the software that we mostly use during this year since the Geography book team needed to make a book. They used the software InDesign to do it. Though right now I am not really good photoshop but am planning to learn more from youtube and also my friends because anybody can be your teacher. No matter who they are there will always be a lesson that they can teach you.