Leading youth toward CHANGE

     Often times we, as a people, don’t appreciate things that are given to us. Take a minute to go outside and look around. What do you see? Well, in my case if I look outside right now I could see the tall clusters of trees packed together. I have already been on an Outdoor Leadership trip where I went to Kirirom and Mondulkiri with my friends and teachers. The experience had been very eye opening. There is just a sense of peace and calmness in the wild. I live in a bustling city where technologies are found almost everywhere. It’s time like being in nature that made me appreciate silence. I was very lucky to be able to experience this phenomenon. As a change agent, I wanted to share my experience to youth in Cambodia too.

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In honour of Woman International  Day

In this exploration, we are trying to empower Cambodian youth to be outdoor leaders and environmental stewards by introducing them to natural spaces, raising awareness of conservation threats, and nurturing the passion and skills needed to positively impact their communities. On the other hand, we are also trying to empower women and go against the mindset of “Woman should be staying at home and doing housework”. Opening more opportunities for girls to show the world that they can hike, build fires and set up tents. 

Before embarking on this journey, we will be teaching them four important skills: Nature Appreciation, Wilderness, Medical & Risk Managements and Leadership.

By working on this project, I have learned many things. Mostly, how to be a good leader for other people. It strengthens my leadership skills and critical thinking skills. I have met many problems during the way like an “idea-block”, where as you can probably already tell by the word, no idea comes to my head. 

In conclusion, I believe that this project is very important and that it should keep going. I am also thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with other people and hopefully, make them realize the significant gift we are given.

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