Keep up with the storm to see the rainbow

     The storm made it way through the clear sky, approaching fast. People quickly rise up on their feet as small droplet showered upon them. The rambunctious sounds of thunder echoes through the now empty beach filling each and every corner. As darkness fills the once clear cloud like a contagious disease lashing on any innocence it can find, bird silenced their song and flee to a safer place away from the colossal storm. Sand castles were now filled with seawater and seaweed, at least you can still tell that it’s a sand castle but not for long until a huge wave crashing onto the shore taking every little piece of sediments that holds the structure of the castle. The wind picked up trash that had been left on the sandy shore and scattered it all over the land. People sheltered in their car, hoping for the dark cloud to pass by; Their windscreen wiping furiously against the heavy droplet that fired rapidly down the sky. Wave raged upon the sand, hitting it violently, sending it back and forth. Boat rocked left to right, trying to keep up with the waves that was hitting it, afraid that it can over turn at any moment. The sound of kids crying, intimidated by the storm, made it way around the lifeless landscape as no one dared to leave their home. As time went by, the storm became mild and soothing almost rocking the once crying baby to sleep. People lifted their head to the sky dumbfounded. There was lines of different vibrant colors, stretched across the sky without an ending point who knows what lies at the end of the colors. Showing even a bad day can end beautifully. People were pleased and satisfied with what they saw, the once hatred that they felt for the storm was washed away. A terrible day can have a beautiful ending, remember that if you want to see the rainbow than you have keep up with the storm. “Don’t wait for the storms of your life to pass. Learn to dance in the rain.” Steve Rizzo.

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